Vinner av Panorama Publikumspris, Berlinale 2019

“For those who prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their own streaming services, the eye-opening documentary Talking About Trees may make them reconsider the value, both cultural and political, of being able to see something on the big screen.” Sitat fra Hollywood Reporters anmeldelse.
“Every now and then a documentary comes along that understands why cinephilia can be a vital part of our psychological makeup, and why it has meaning in our waking hours as well as in our dreams. “Talking About Trees” is such a film, imbued with a generosity of spirit, that gives much-deserved recognition to four older Sudanese filmmakers whose battle to bring cinemagoing back to Sudan is the immediate focus of this superb work. With unfailing artistry, director Suhaib Gasmelbari captures how cinema can be essential and why these men, with their unquenchable passion and respect for one another, deserve to be feted as our godfathers.”
Sitat fra Varietys anmeldelse.

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